Paola Turandot

Office & Marketing Manager at CDR San Miguel


Service Areas: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.

About Paola Turandot

Paola, our vibrant and energetic Office and Marketing Manager at CDR San Miguel | Forbes Global Properties, is a creative force with a wealth of enthusiasm. Her passion for design is evident in the meticulous care she dedicates to all our marketing materials. As a perpetual learner, Paola constantly seeks new knowledge and connections, actively participating in webinars with esteemed entities such as Forbes Global Properties and Luxury Portfolio International —strengthening our network and staying ahead in the industry.

With a degree in Photography and Tourism, Paola brings a unique blend of skills to her role. Her educational background not only reflects her commitment to diverse learning but also contributes a refined aesthetic sense to our marketing strategies. Paola’s keen eye for detail, cultivated through her studies in photography, enriches our promotional efforts with a distinctive visual appeal.

In her multifaceted role, Paola wears many hats to ensure the seamless operation of our office. Her proactive approach and strong organizational skills keep the daily functions running smoothly, allowing our team to concentrate on what they do best. Paola’s pride in her hometown, San Miguel de Allende, fuels her dedication to marketing in this vibrant community, creating a genuine connection between our brand and the local environment.

Paola’s dynamic presence is not only an asset to the efficiency of our operations but also a driving force behind the success of our marketing endeavors. Her creativity, energy, and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable member of the CDR family.

“I believe in building relationships with our clients, partners, and fellow community members. Every day, I aspire to learn something new and grow both personally and professionally.”

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