Casa Gamaña

  • 3 years ago

Welcome to “Casa Gamaña,” the ideal home for someone who is looking for harmony.

Located at a hilltop overlooking the village of La Cañada de las Flores (Canyon of the Flowers), 15 minutes drive from San Miguel de Allende, Casa Gamaña offers the perfect balance between the tranquility of the country lifestyle and the comfort of the city.

Meticulously designed and constructed by the owner, who has been building quality homes in San Miguel de Allende for over 25 years, on 3,893 square meters ( 41,903 sq. ft.) of land, Casa Gamaña provides a 2-bedroom (large master bedroom on the main floor), 2-bathroom home with a studio/office, and a separate 2-bedroom gatehouse(the main house consists of 232 M2 of construction, while the gatehouse measures 79M2 adding a total of 311M2).

All interior spaces, and even the location of each tree planted with the drought-resistant landscaping, show deliberate planning for optimum enjoyment of ambient light as well as the sunrise to sunset-colored views of the valley below and mountains beyond.

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