Doug Robinson

at CDR San Miguel

About Doug Robinson

Originally from San Diego, Doug came to San Miguel de Allende in
2004 after successfully managing award-winning careers in creative
marketing and music production. Since then he has performed in
dozens of concerts that have raised funds for different non-profit
organizations all over Mexico.
Since coming to work for CDR in 2015, Doug has earned a reputation
for going the extra mile for his clients, whether they are in search of
their dream home or need to sell their properties. He credits his
success to his work in both music and creative marketing:
“It’s all about listening to the client. I’m passionate about new people
joining the community, so I’m always trying to get to the bottom of
what they are truly looking for in terms of their lifestyle and the feel of
our different communities. This goes beyond the number of bedrooms
they want—especially for clients coming from another country, moving
here is such an exciting change of life. Let’s make sure we do it right!”

Language: English, Spanish

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