Ivonne Basurto

Ivonne knows sales.  She knows them so well, in fact, that in 2005, she was the #1 beauty consultant of Mary Kay’s Mexico division, beating out 20,000 other consultants to win first prize in personal sales!  In 2004 and 2006 she was among the top five beauty consultants.  As you can imagine, that’s a lot of sales.
Ivonne has also served clients in the corporate arena, including big names such as Kellogs, Hard Rock Café, Quaker State, and Marriot, and has held numerous managerial positions in the various companies for which she’s worked.  She’s even had her own business as an event planner, which started originally when friends and family were so impressed with her parties that they began asking her to organize their weddings, theme parties, first communions, etc.  Her clients also consisted of small businesses and corporations for events like conventions and company Christmas parties.
What’s more, Ivonne knows San Miguel, and she is bilingual and bicultural, so she can serve all sectors of the San Miguel community equally well.  Her friendly, sincere personality and self-confidence inspire trust, and we consider her a great addition to the team.
Originally from Mexico City, Ivonne has lived in the United States and Amsterdam, and has traveled extensively in Latin America, Europe and Asia.  She received a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Monterrey Institute of Technology.  (ITESM)  She also studied Business Trade and Marketing at the Hogeshool voor Economische Studies (HES Amsterdam School of Business) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In her free time Ivonne enjoys music, singing, dancing and traveling.
She will love to help you find the house of your dreams.

Casa Privada de Baeza

$2,850,000 USD ID 934 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Baeza

$1,550,000 USD ID 883 FOR SALE Centro

Casa de los Leones

$1,385,000 USD ID 796 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Cuesta de Loreto

$1,150,000 USD ID 916 FOR SALE Centro

Casa de las Cúpulas

$985,000 USD ID 835 FOR SALE Estancia de Canal

Casa de las Pérgolas

$985,000 USD ID 834 FOR SALE Estancia de Canal

Casa Cerrada de Grillo

$795,000 USD ID 897 FOR SALE Guadiana

Casa Cardo

$789,000 USD ID 802 UNDER CONTRACT Centro

Casa Piedras Chinas

$789,000 USD ID 905 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Fuentes

$529,000 USD ID 917 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Fuentes

$489,000 USD ID 844 SOLD Atascadero

Casa Margaritas

$489,000 USD ID 886 SOLD San Antonio

Casa Cerbatana

$429,000 USD ID 808 SOLD Los Frailes

Casa Nuñez

$385,000 USD ID 915 FOR SALE Centro