Peggy Taylor

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Peggy comes to CDR from the unique perspective of having lived in San Miguel since 1960 and having witnessed fundamental changes in her adopted town. At 18, she married Manuel Zavala, with whom she had five children—and when Zavala was elected Mayor of San Miguel, Peggy became the first US-born First Lady. She taught cooking at the Instituto Allende, ran a catering business and, for fifteen years, taught aerobics classes.

Then, 37 years ago, she was invited to sell real estate and found that she not only loved matching people up with the homes of their dreams, but she was good at it. She says she can tell many, many stories about the San Miguel of old. For Peggy, the town has changed—countless times over—but retains the original spark it had when she came here fifty-five years ago. It’s very different, but she loves the town even more now.

Peggy has been a dancer all her life, with a particular fondness for the Tango.

Casa Sollano

$2,700,000 USD ID 948 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Marroquí

$1,400,000 USD ID 637 FOR SALE Centro

Finca Los Nogales

$1,350,000 USD ID 894 FOR SALE Dolores Hidalgo

Casa La Loma

$1,350,000 USD ID 913 FOR SALE La Loma

Casa Jackie’O

$985,000 USD ID 877 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Doria

$674,000 USD ID 865 FOR SALE Golf Club Malanquin

Casa Sotogrande

$535,000 USD ID 922 FOR SALE Golf Club Malanquin

Casa Relox

$484,000 USD ID 924 UNDER CONTRACT Centro

Lot 24 Candelaria

$250,000 USD ID 928 FOR SALE Candelaria

Cabras Lot

$220,000 USD ID 937 FOR SALE Rancho de Cabras

Lot Arcoiris

$89,000 USD ID 859 SOLD La Lejona