Douglas Robinson

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Doug managed to excel in two simultaneous careers: one as an award-winning music producer, playing 16 instruments and recording with a long list of jazz giants, and one as a vice president of The AdGap Group, an innovative creative marketing company where he designed promotional campaigns for Fortune 1000 companies.

Just as he was getting ready to take an early retirement in 2004, he came to San Miguel de Allende to visit an old friend and fell in love with the town, the music and the people. Since his arrival in Mexico, he has continued to produce sold-out concerts around the country as well as joining CDR/Christie’s International Real Estate where he works with his wife, Denise Rosenfeld.

Casa Catorce

$1,200,000 USD ID 842 FOR SALE Balcones

Villa Umbria

$795,000 USD ID 702 FOR SALE Estancia de Canal

Casa Guadiana

$699,000 USD ID 876 UNDER CONTRACT Guadiana

Casa del Foro

$548,000 USD ID 837 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Colibrí

$299,000 USD ID 818 UNDER CONTRACT El Mirador

Casa Las Vistas

$289,000 USD ID 815 FOR SALE Carr. a Dr. Mora


$274,000 USD ID 898 FOR SALE San Rafael