HOME: 4,682 sf (435m2) LOT: 4,026 sf (374m2) ID: 878 / Exclusive

As you enter the home of Tenerías, the defining characteristic of the house is the beautiful floating staircase, until then unique to San Miguel, which today can be appreciated as a work of art. The style was considered modern for its day, with foundations in the philosophical expansion of Bauhaus; from Dessau, Germany, to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

This home was the vision of an accomplished American architect named Carl Humphrey, who took advantage of the basic structure of the orchard and its subsequent adaptation into a tannery—creating a two-level residence of haute international-fashion design of the 1950s.

The constructive method itself is very advanced, even by today’s standards, consisting of 60 centimeter load walls made from stone and brick which support a 20 centimeter thick reinforced slab. There are no girders, something out of the ordinary in San Miguel construction technology, instead using a “slab run” or “flat slab” that supports large loads and allows for building brick dividing walls in any part of the second floor. This unique flexibility means that any adjustment or modification can be made to the upper floor without affecting the operation or distribution of the lower floor, allowing for high and fluid spaces without divisions.

The distribution of the house lends itself for use as a home or as a bed and breakfast. The living room provides for the distribution of the intimate and private spaces of the house; giving independence to each of the parts. On the lower floor, the kitchen, service and washing area, are all located to the east. And on the west side is the Great Room, with its modernist gray quarry fireplace, replete with art from San Miguel’s post-war diaspora. Both wings are linked by a dynamic and wide terrace 20 meters long that functions as an events area and meeting point. The dishes are dispatched from the kitchen and the preparation area, without going through any other internal space, directly to the favorite lunchtime table, where all the senses are connected to the exuberance of the orchard.

On the second floor, both bedroom wings are totally private, each with terraces grafted among the tall and dense walnuts and avocados of the old garden. All the bathrooms and closets are located on along the street so that, on the south side facing the orchard, the bedrooms are illuminated and warmed by sunlight throughout the day, making for a very tranquil coexistence between city and nature.

Humphrey oriented the entire house to the south, giving both levels breathtaking views of the orchard, which represents a vital green space in the heart of the city, as well as the distant Picachos mountains. The home strikes a delicate balance, conserving San Miguel’s rich history while maintaining its natural resources, resulting in a pleasant and contemplative environment that will surely transport you to another lifetime.