LOT: 18,159 sf (1,687m2) ID: 569 / Exclusive

There are very few places left in San Miguel de Allende that can immediately transport you back to the way San Miguel was over a century ago. Finca del Parque is one such place.

The property was part of the orchards that originally ran along the stream that is now called Calle Nemesio Diez. At the end of the 19th century, political leader and chemist Dr. Ignacio Hernández Macias bought several of these orchards to form the park that was to be called Parque Benito Juárez. Finca del Parque is one of the few mature gardens that still remain in San Miguel and, similar to the Parque Juárez, has trees dating back more than 120 years, such as the beautiful walnut tree that emerges from the garden.

When there was still leather production in San Miguel, tanning and dying businesses were created along the street parallel to the stream, which was given the name Calle de las Tenerías (Street of the Tanneries). The stream was canalized in 1980, thereby creating two sides: 33 meters along Calle de las Tenerías and 24 meters along Calle Nemesio Diez.

With its wide meadows surrounded by numerous fruit trees, jacarandas, cedars and a nice reinterpretation of the garden in one of its quadrants, this classic central Mexican garden makes for an area with countless opportunities for active and passive recreation. Most importantly it provides much needed green areas and lungs for the city, which are vital for maintaining wild life, allowing rainwater to permeate the soil, lowering the temperature of the area, while purifying the air.

There are few properties available in the Historic Center of San Miguel de Allende that offer such large, open, natural areas and maintain such a deep connection to both nature and the city’s rich history.