Living in a Walking City

Step into 16th-century San Miguel de Allende… everyday.

With many unique properties for sale within walking distance to the historic center of San Miguel, you´re sure to find the perfect choice. Imagine walking to the organic market, concerts in the town square, art openings on an enchanted cobblestone street. That´s the beauty of living in San Miguel de Allende. Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods for the best walking experience:


Casa Chorro

$9,950,000 USD ID 701 FOR SALE Centro

Quinta Bella Vista

$5,995,000 USD ID 759 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Heyne

$3,800,000 USD ID 50 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Pichonera

$2,995,000 USD ID 694 FOR SALE Centro


$2,995,000 USD ID 718 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Baeza

$2,800,000 USD ID 653 FOR SALE Centro

Casa del Obispo

$2,650,000 USD ID 533 FOR SALE Centro

Lote Esmeralda

$2,531,000 USD ID 569 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Alhambra

$2,495,000 USD ID 570 FOR SALE Centro


Pied-à-terre in San Miguel

$497,000 USD ID 756 FOR SALE San Antonio

Casa Cerrada de Alameda

$268,000 USD ID 743 FOR SALE San Antonio

Casa Diana

$185,000 USD ID 571 FOR SALE San Antonio


Casa Faroles

$2,500,000 USD ID 667 UNDER CONTRACT Atascadero

Casa del Bosque

$699,000 USD ID 717 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Jardín

$565,000 USD ID 736E FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Hope

$495,000 USD ID 722 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Bell

$449,000 USD ID 752 FOR SALE Atascadero

Mexican Colonial Style

$445,000 USD ID 735E FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Martha

$365,000 USD ID 644 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Wendy

$249,000 USD ID 405 FOR SALE Atascadero


Villa Maria Roma

$1,695,000 USD ID 760 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa La Vista

$1,150,000 USD ID 685 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Palma de Mallorca

$699,000 USD ID 662 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Herradura

$625,000 USD ID 536 FOR SALE Balcones

Balcones View Lot

$155,000 USD ID 744 UNDER CONTRACT Balcones


Casa Roland

$269,000 USD ID 577 FOR SALE Guadalupe