Nancy Howze

Born and raised in the southern United States, Nancy is the embodiment of business smarts and southern charm.

Nancy has enjoyed a wide range of experiences in her life, and they have given her unique human relationship skills required for the business of real estate. She is a retired schoolteacher, having taught children lessons for life in private schools in Alabama. Nancy served as Registrar and Director of Education for the Natural History Museum in Anniston, Alabama – famous for an extensive ornithology collection from the last half of the 19th century.

As Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Calhoun County, Alabama, Nancy spearheaded the restoration and revitalization of historic downtown Anniston, as well as promoting the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

Armed with a realtor’s license from Florida and Alabama, and 10 years of success as a realtor in the USA, Nancy moved to San Miguel in 1998 with the intention of retiring. Fate, however, connected her with Jim Dolan, and once again she was hooked on real estate.

Ann Dolan

Principal – Ventas y Mercadotecnia
Ann Dolan is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CDR Christie’s International Real Estate. A seasoned professional, Anne’s depth of knowledge about the San Miguel market has been fortified with over twenty years of experience. She established her career as a partner in Casas de San Miguel– a full service real estate agency including sales, property management, and rentals– that was successfully sold several years ago. Highly regarded and trusted within the San Miguel community, her expertise is surpassed only by her love of local culture and delight in fulfilling her client’s dreams and expectations and matching buyers with sellers.s and expectations.

Anne Martin Jones

Anne’s attachment to San Miguel began in childhood, and years later, she left her native Texas to permanently call the city home in 1996. Her life’s work has been in sales, first as a co-owner of The Rocking Horse children’s boutique, and culminating in premier residential real estate for the past 10 years. Anne’s love for and knowledge of the business are perfectly suited to her delight for matching people and properties, as evidenced by the many loyal clients who bring their repeat business and referrals to CDR San Miguel. Her easy-going style and warmth, community involvement, long-standing connections, and enthusiastic post-sale support provide her clients with a ready entrée to the San Miguel lifestyle, an invaluable service not found in every real estate company.

Carolina Figueroa

The daughter of a successful real estate broker, Carolina was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to San Miguel 12 years ago to start her own family. Real Estate business has always been part of her life, although she spent the past ten years as an educator fate brings her back to the family roots. Whether you are looking for a small cozy home or a 500 hundred acres ranch, Carolina will be glad to join you in your journey to the perfect property for you.

Claudia Nochebuena

Claudia lived most of her life in Mexico City, where she studied fashion design and gained an appreciation for design and architecture from different countries and cultures. While visiting the San Miguel de Allende for the first time fourteen years ago, she was amazed by the beauty of the city, which she called “My Little Florence,” because of the similar feelings it evoked.

Like many visitors, Claudia fell in love with San Miguel’s beauty, design, architecture, culture and people, whom she found very easy to meet and realized that she could relate seamlessly with the foreign community, thanks in no small part to her English fluency.

Now a permanent resident of San Miguel, Claudia realizes that to look for a home, it takes love, dedication and professionalism. She believes that to make a connection with a property you must first feel its beauty and transfer it to your customers. Claudia has a natural eye and a passion for beauty, design and architecture, which her clients clearly appreciate and continually benefit from.

Denise Rosenfeld

Denise es una apasionada pastelera profesional que nació y creció en la ciudad de México disfrutando de un ambiente bilingüe y bicultural. Se graduó del Colegio Americano para después estudiar Educación Montessori mientras trabajaba  con su familia en una exitosa empresa de bienes raíces. Viajo y vivió en Europa y Sud América, instalándose en Argentina donde nacieron sus hijas.

Hace veinte años regreso a México, al hermoso Puerto Vallarta donde trabajo en ventas como gerente de la primera empresa importadora de ropa de Bali a México y después por seis años en Bienes Raices en dos prestigiosas empresas.

Denise se mudo a San Miguel de Allende hace poco mas de un año y está feliz de haberse unido a CDR/Christie’s International donde trabaja en equipo con su compañero, Doug Robinson.

Douglas Robinson

Nació y creció en San Diego, CA, Doug obtuvo gran éxito en dos carreras simultáneas: una como musico talentoso  y productor musical, tocando 16 instrumentos y grabando una larga lista de exitos del jazz, y otro como vicepresidente de The AdGap Group, una compañía innovadora  de mercadeo creativo donde diseñó campañas de promoción para empresas del Fortune 1000.

A punto de jubilarse tempranamente en el 2004, Doug llegó a San Miguel de Allende a visitar un viejo amigo y de inmediato se enamoró de la ciudad, la música y su gente lo cual lo hizo decidir quedarse a vivir en esta bella ciudad. Desde que vive en México, Doug ha seguido produciendo conciertos en todo el país y ahora al unirse a CDR / Christie’s International Real Estate donde hizo equipo con su mujer, Denise Rosenfeld.

Elsa de la Garza y Liekens

Elsa was born in the great Mexico City, there she developed an interesting and successful Interior Design career and a valuable experience in assembling and managing high decoration stores such as Thomasville, Broyhill, Clayton Marcus and Galerías Rattan, among others.

Because of her great affection towards the human being, her interest in a healthy life and her awareness of an environment friendly food production, she is a founder partner of Aires de Campo, an organic products commercialization company.

Elsa now lives in San Miguel de Allende, she has four years of experience in real estate, a profession that gives her the opportunity, as interior decoration does, of fulfilling people´s dreams, finding the ideal home for her clients.

Gerardo Zamora

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Ivonne Basurto

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Jeff Kimmel

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Jessica Patterson

Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Jessica continued on to obtain her master’s degree in Logistics while working for L’Oreal’s’ Logistics and Production Department in Madrid, Spain. She then returned to the Americas to work for the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in New York City.
Ready for a change from the rush of big city life and years of traveling, Jessica returned to San Miguel de Allende in search of her roots and to work in an environment where she could combine what she loved best, time with her family and her love for her home town.
From the moment Jessica entered Real Estate business, she has quickly gained the trust and confidence of her clients. Her deep knowledge of San Miguel and being 100% bilingual and bi-cultural makes her a great agent to help you buy or sale your home

John Eckrote

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Laura Hernandez P.

Laura is one of our agents that is a true sanmiguelense. She has lived her entire life here with a brief stint of 8 years in Long Beach, California as a teenager. She entered into a career in real estate in 2001 and has been in direct sales since 2005. Her background has always been in customer service, which is a nice accompaniment to the real estate business. Finding that perfect home for a client or assisting the seller when they are selling their home takes a skilled person who can help walk you through the process. Laura loves her hometown, enjoys meeting new people and likes the flexibility that real estate sales gives her, so she can spend more time with her family.

Peggy Taylor

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Peggy comes to CDR from the unique perspective of having lived in San Miguel since 1960 and having witnessed fundamental changes in her adopted town. At 18, she married Manuel Zavala, with whom she had five children—and when Zavala was elected Mayor of San Miguel, Peggy became the first US-born First Lady. She taught cooking at the Instituto Allende, ran a catering business and, for fifteen years, taught aerobics classes.

Then, 37 years ago, she was invited to sell real estate and found that she not only loved matching people up with the homes of their dreams, but she was good at it. She says she can tell many, many stories about the San Miguel of old. For Peggy, the town has changed—countless times over—but retains the original spark it had when she came here fifty-five years ago. It’s very different, but she loves the town even more now.

Peggy has been a dancer all her life, with a particular fondness for the Tango.

Roberto Scott Vildosola

Bobby was born in Mexico City of an American father and Mexican mother since a teenager in Mexico City he had a fascination for San Miguel always spending some week ends and vacation time with family and friends to enjoy the wonders of the region.
Later in life his son moved to this town and he followed.
Their background is in organic farming and compost technology and love for farms led them to grow organic vegetables,and the production of compost in volume for gardens and farms(Ranchos) in the area.
His experience in geology, business,english, and the love of architecture , beautiful homes,haciendas, farms and the rural country side of Guanajuato, the warmth of the Sanmiguelenses and the American Canadian/Canadian comunity plus previous Real Estate experience in Cancun, led him to the Real Estate world of San Miguel deciding to join our company CDR.

Shari Reynolds

Shari Reynolds nos brinda una impresionante variedad de experiencia en tecnología digital y de nuevos medios al mercado de viviendas de lujo y al equipo CDR San Miguel. Siendo residente de San Miguel de Allende por más de 14 años, Shari ya estaba a la vanguardia de los medios electrónicos cuando fundó una empresa de Internet en Austin, Texas. Su extenso conocimiento y amor por México y su experiencia como consultora de estilo de vida de lujo-promocionando propiedades comerciales y residenciales a través de todas las fases de los medios digitales e impresos- le dan a sus clientes una ventaja creativa en el mercado de bienes raíces de lujo en San Miguel.