Enjoy the Garden all Year Long

Collection of San Miguel Homes with Gardens

With the mild climate throughout the year, gardens thrive in San Miguel de Allende. Succulents and cacti native to the high desert serve as a backdrop to the landscape with pops of color from bougainvillea, salvia, lavender and margarita daisies.

Explore the lush gardens of San Miguel in our latest collection.

Casa Chorro

$9,950,000 USD ID 701 FOR SALE Centro

Hacienda Purísima de Jalpa

$8,500,000 USD ID 728 FOR SALE Camino a Jalpa


$2,995,000 USD ID 718 FOR SALE Centro

Casa del Obispo

$2,650,000 USD ID 533 SOLD Centro

Casa Hermosa

$1,487,000 USD ID 795 FOR SALE Atascadero


$1,245,000 USD ID 823E FOR SALE Atascadero

The Retreat

$1,190,000 USD ID 785 FOR SALE Marroquín del Abajo

Villa Encantada

$1,174,000 USD ID 828 FOR SALE Other - Beach Property


$995,000 USD ID 824E FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa La Vista

$995,000 USD ID 685 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa de las Pérgolas

$985,000 USD ID 834 FOR SALE Estancia de Canal

Casa Cardo

$789,000 USD ID 802 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Antonio

$471,000 USD ID 794 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Goded

$460,000 USD ID 542 FOR SALE La Colina

Casa Alicia

$449,500 USD ID 783 FOR SALE Los Frailes