Country Living San Miguel Style

Living outside of the bustling community of San Miguel de Allende provides an idyllic lifestyle if gardening, horseback riding or just soaking up the panoramic views of the countryside appeals to you.



Rancho Pozitos

$849,000 USD ID 507 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Casa el Suspiro

$378,000 USD ID 484 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Casita las Animas

$355,000 USD ID 646 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Casa Granja Las Animas

$355,000 USD ID 683 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Casa Elinor

$300,000 USD ID 698C FOR SALE Cieneguita

Lot Clum

$145,000 USD ID 591 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Lot Petra

$137,500 USD ID 686 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Duplex Cieneguita

$130,000 USD ID 700 FOR SALE Cieneguita

Rancho La Pizcachita

$3,500,000 USD ID 427 FOR SALE Other

Rancho Granja Las Animas

$1,650,000 USD ID 673 FOR SALE Other

Casa Rocha

$1,500,000 USD ID 316 FOR SALE Other

Road to Querétaro

$1,199,000 USD ID 765I FOR SALE Other

Rancho del Cielo

$925,000 USD ID 394 FOR SALE Other

Casa Villa de Umbria

$895,000 USD ID 702V FOR SALE Other

Casa Los Charcos

$499,000 USD ID 681 FOR SALE Other

Rancho Mi Dicha

$400,000 USD ID 544 FOR SALE Other

Casa Restaurante Campirano

$203,500 USD ID 516 FOR SALE Other

Hacienda Purísima de Jalpa

$8,500,000 USD ID 728 FOR SALE Camino a Jalpa

Casa de Aves

$6,000,000 USD ID 630 FOR SALE Montecillo de Nieto

Rancho La Milpa

$3,615,000 USD ID 556 FOR SALE Montecillo de La Milpa

Rancho La Pizcachita

$3,500,000 USD ID 427 FOR SALE Other

Rancho Los Charcos

$3,500,000 USD ID 666 FOR SALE Carr. a Dolores Hidalgo

Canyon Ranch

$2,495,000 USD ID 740 FOR SALE San Agustin Buenavista Estado de México

Rancho Savanah

$2,350,000 USD ID 668 FOR SALE Marroquín del Abajo

Candelaria Contemporary

$2,350,000 USD ID 669 FOR SALE Candelaria

Casa del Pintor

$1,750,000 USD ID 670 FOR SALE Candelaria