All About the Views

Collection of San Miguel Homes with Views

Living in a UNESCO World Heritage city like San Miguel de Allende means many types of views from our homes and roof-top terraces…. from centuries-old churches to picturesque mountains to sparkling lakes or panoramic sunsets. The light changes frequently which makes the city a favorite for artists and photographers who chase the “perfect moment” when the light is soft just after sunset and in the early morning hours. See our collection of homes with views and find the perfect vantage point to enjoy the best of San Miguel.

Casa Chorro

$9,950,000 USD ID 701 FOR SALE Centro


$2,995,000 USD ID 718 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Dorado

$2,995,000 USD ID 816 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Alhambra

$2,495,000 USD ID 570 FOR SALE Centro

Casa del Sol

$2,395,000 USD ID 721 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Martini

$2,100,000 USD ID 753 FOR SALE Centro

Casa Tesoro

$1,495,000 USD ID 793 FOR SALE Atascadero

Casa Hermosa

$1,487,000 USD ID 795 FOR SALE Atascadero

North Valley Ranch

$1,250,000 USD ID 819 FOR SALE Sabinas Coahuila

The Retreat

$1,190,000 USD ID 785 FOR SALE Marroquín del Abajo

Villa Encantada

$1,174,000 USD ID 828 FOR SALE Other - Beach Property

Casa Arias

$1,099,000 USD ID 817 FOR SALE Centro

Villa Bahia

$995,000 USD ID 830 FOR SALE Other - Beach Property

Playa Blanca Beachfront

$917,000 USD ID 745 FOR SALE Other - Beach Property

Villa Umbria

$849,000 USD ID 702 FOR SALE Other

Casa del Foro

$568,000 USD ID 837 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Centro

$519,000 USD ID 826 UNDER CONTRACT Centro

Casa Antonio

$471,000 USD ID 794 FOR SALE Balcones

Casa Bóvedas

$469,000 USD ID 777 FOR SALE Allende

Duplex Dos Hermanos

$440,000 USD ID 836 FOR SALE San Jose de Gracia

Casa Lluvia

$435,000 USD ID 715 SOLD Obraje